2024 “Tabula Rasa”
Vermont, Jul 29th – Aug 1st

Yoga & Wellness Retreat

A Luxury Ayurvedic Indian Cultural Experience in Rural Vermont
“Reinvent Your Story: Crafting a New Self-Narrative”

presented by

Here and Now Yoga & Wellness, LLC


Tabula Rasa: “blank slate” (Latin)

Would you like to wipe the slate clean? In the midst of life’s chaos and clutter, we often find ourselves weighed down by the burdens of the past and the distractions of the present. But here, in this sacred space of healing and renewal, we offer you the opportunity to purge the clutter, release the old, and start fresh with a blank slate: “Tabula Rasa”. It’s a chance to let go of what no longer serves you, to embrace the beauty of simplicity, and to reconnect with your true essence. Are you ready to clear the canvas of your life and paint a new masterpiece filled with joy, vitality, and purpose? Do you want to immerse yourself in the crisp mountain air for four days this summer? Join us on this transformative journey towards wholeness and well-being.

In the silent expanse where thoughts roam free,
Lies a canvas pristine, awaiting destiny’s decree.
Tabula Rasa, the whisper of untouched grace,
Where the symphony of potential finds its place.



What would it be worth to you to take four days away to make positive, life-altering changes that could impact you forever?  

Brattleboro, Vermont


~ 4 days / 3 Nights, All-inclusive
~ Beautiful Accommodations
(private or shared)
~ 8 Delicious Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals
~ Chai Tea upon arrival
~ Daily Yoga and Wellness Classes
~ Ayurvedic Introduction Cooking Class
~ Aquifer-fed Swimming Hole
~ Infrared Sauna
~ Outdoor Hot Tub
~ Nature Walk
~ Evening Fire Pit
~ Evening Gong Meditation
~ Massage Therapy
(add’l fee, advance reservations)
(Transportation not included)

Rates start at $1,800
Sign up before May 15th to SAVE!


“The setting was absolutely magical… I liked the balance of free time and activities, allowing me time to explore the grounds in thought and reflection on what the instructors shared with us… My practice was deepened just by signing up…”  ~ J.V.

“The retreat schedule was great – a good mix of instructors and classes. Michelle is a wonderful yoga instructor, very kind and fun.”  ~ Abbe B. 

“The benefits are profound at whatever level you are at. Michelle is an excellent instructor ~ Knowledgeable. Positions flow smoothly… Calming yet energizing…”  ~ Carol W.

Chai: A Prelude to Transformation

Upon arrival, let the comforting embrace of chai tea be the prelude to a journey of transformation and self-discovery. 



“Michelle, your approach to yoga reminded me why I love to practice. Your sessions helped me focus on what’s really important to my yoga practice. I can’t tell you how much I needed the lessons and guidance you provided. Thank you, Michelle. …I love your focus, your deep understanding of the body and its limits, your acceptance of all bodies!”  ~ Y.S.K.

“Sommer provided  tangible tools and skills I could incorporate to improve the trajectory of my thoughts; therefore also improving my own actions and relationships with others… refreshingly honest without being blunt or indifferent. Her amicable personality and coaching style will have you laughing, thinking, and relating to others on levels you might not have thought you could. I highly recommend Sommer… Your future really will thank you.”  ~ Elizabeth S.

“Thank you Michelle for your excellent guidance through all of the practices. You are truly a “Here and Now Yogi ” A Yogi who truly respects humanity, environment and all living creatures. …Michelle… Keep doing what you do soo well. 🙏 “  ~ Judy G.

Nourish Your Body, Elevate Your Spirit

In this enriching cooking class, delve into the time-honored principles of Ayurveda, a holistic system of healing that emphasizes the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Learn to create wholesome dishes that not only delight the palate but also promote balance and vitality within.



“Michelle is such a positive influence in her student’s life. Not only is she an amazing yoga teacher, she’s attentive, compassionate and caring. She gets to know her students and works with them to help them become their best version of themselves.”  ~ Debbie Z.

“Sommer helps you find the thought that is preventing you from being who you want to be.”  ~ Mandy B.

“You have opened my eyes, in a way that I didn’t think was possible… helped me push past uncomfortable situations and reach higher for my dreams.” ~ Chris S.

Amidst this haven of peace, discover the pinnacle of relaxation — the Nordic Spa outdoor hot tub

Whether under the sun’s golden embrace or beneath a blanket of stars, each moment in our 6-person outdoor hot tub is a journey towards inner peace and wellness. 32-stainless steel jets and a high-volume whirlpool with targeted direct pressure jets giving you the ultimate in hot water therapy.



“Michelle is probably the best yoga instructor I have ever taken, and I have been taking yoga for quite a few years, at many different studios. Yoga is all about the teacher and the energy, and Michelle’s energy shines through. Michelle inspires confidence. She takes me out of my comfort zone, challenges me, and makes those inversions seem easy. I always leave knowing I will have a better day!”   ~ Patricia S.

“I cannot recommend Sommer highly enough! …given me a much deeper understanding of my own motivations and the barriers I erect in my own mind. Through her coaching I’ve been able to break down negative habits and patterns that were holding me back from fully understanding what I truly want. Her insights have been spot-on, and her kind yet firm demeanor helps to keep me accountable to myself. She’s helped me with everything from organizing the small details of my morning to breaking free of a lifetime habit of being late. If you have a suspicion that you are in your own way, Sommer can help!”  ~ Bree C.


Surrender to the Cool Embrace:
the Aquifer-fed Freshwater Swimming Pond

As you surrender to the cool embrace of the aquifer-fed pool, feel the stress of the world melt away. Here, amidst the symphony of birdsong and rustling leaves, time slows to a tranquil cadence, inviting you to linger in the moment.



“Michelle is an excellent instructor who will help you work toward your physical and mental goals. …excellent at breaking down poses so that they are accessible to practitioners at all levels, and she interjects positive energy into all her sessions. … highly highly recommend.”  ~ Aliza A.

“Sommer has really helped me change my life. She creates this safe space for me to be me. I find so much personal insights with the questions she asks me. The best self care out there! Give her a try, your future you will thank you!”  ~ Michelle D.

Transcend into Serenity: Evening Gong Meditation

As the sun sets over the tranquil hills of rural Vermont, join us for a transformative journey of sound and stillness in our enchanting evening Gong Meditation session.




“…Michelle is an outstanding yoga instructor in every sense of the word. …always pays great attention to detail and takes great care in offering assistance to students when they need it. …Michelle has a very unique ability to flow seamlessly through vinyasa yoga poses as if they are second nature to her. She has a great sense of humor and her manner is such that she makes students feel at ease while in class. She is always quick to assure us that we are capable of achieving great things inside the studio as well as outside if we maintain the right mindset. She has helped me tremendously with my practice and I have achieved new heights that I never thought were possible …a great inspiration to everyone!”  ~ John B.

“Sommer is highly recommended as a life coach due to her unique skill set and passion for people. She is a great listener, understanding, and provides constructive feedback to help make progress in any given situation. I look forward to continuing our work of reducing stress and building a healthier and more meaningful life style while breaking old habits.”  ~ Nora Q.



Summer Serenity: Embrace Radiance in our Infrared Sauna Sanctuary

Our infrared sauna invites you to embrace the warmth of the season and emerge renewed, revitalized, and radiant from within. As the gentle heat melts away physical tension, the mind finds solace in the stillness, opening the door to clarity and peace.



Indulge in the Ultimate Relaxation Experience with our Signature Massages*

At our wellness retreat, we believe that true relaxation is more than just a luxury—it’s a necessity for a balanced and fulfilling life. Let our signature massages be your gateway to inner peace, radiant health, and a renewed sense of vitality. Choose from experiencing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda treatments, to the art of Japanese Shiatsu, a holistic therapy that focuses on stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities through gentle pressure and stretching techniques, to our other relaxing treatments, each tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a personalized experience that leaves you feeling renewed and invigorated. (*additional fees / advance reservations)





(subject to change)


Monday, July 29th (Day 1)
3:00 – 4:00pm: Arrival at Setu-Vermont / Check-in / Chai Tea & Afternoon snack
4:00 – 5:00pm: Welcome / Meditation ~ retreat hosts (Michelle & Sommer)
5:00 – 6:00pm: Gentle Open Level Yoga (Michelle) ~ “Tabula Rasa: Blank Slate”
6:00 – 7:00pm: Dinner
7:45 – 9:00pm: Fire Pit / Meditation (Sommer) ~“You Belong: Mastering the Art of Belonging Anywhere”

Tuesday, July 30th (Day 2)
7:00am: Morning Meditation (Michelle)
8:00 – 9:00am: Breakfast
9:15 – 10:15am: Open Level Yoga (Michelle) ~ “Foundation Tapestry” ~ basic needs, motivations, creativity and self-purpose
10:30am – 1:00pm: Ayurvedic Introduction Cooking Class / Lunch
1:00 – 4:30pm: Free Time
4:30 – 5:45pm: Meditation / Journaling (Sommer) ~ “Mindful Self-Talk: Cultivating Awareness of Our Inner Dialogue”
6:00 – 7:00pm: Dinner
7:00 – 9:00pm: Fire Pit / Free Time

Wednesday, July 31st (Day 3)
7:00am: Morning Meditation (Sommer)
8:00 – 9:00am: Breakfast
9:45 – 11:15am: Open Level Yoga (Michelle) ~ “Crafting A New Self-Narrative” ~ Love, Communication, Achievement, Fulfillment
11:15am – 12:30pm: Free Time
12:30 – 1:30pm: Lunch
1:30 – 4:30pm: Free Time / Nature Trails
4:30 – 5:45pm: Meditation / Journaling (Sommer) ~ “Intentional Self-Love: Consciously Cultivated”
6:00 – 7:00pm: Dinner
7:30 – 9:00pm: Gong Meditation
9:00 – 10:00pm: Fire Pit / Free Time

Thursday, August 1st (Day 4)
7:00am: Morning Meditation (Michelle)
8:00 – 9:00am: Breakfast
9:30 – 11:30am: Open Level Restorative Yoga (Michelle) ~ “FInal Brushstroke” ~ Inner Beauty / Outer Projection
11:30am – 12:00pm: FAREWELL


Michelle Cavanagh
Co-Retreat Leader / Yoga Instructor

Yoga = Change — to evolve from one state of being to another.
Everyone has more physical and mental potential than they readily realize. Guiding you one small step at a time, I will help you achieve your goals, in a safe, supportive and healthy manner. Dance, fitness, martial arts, yoga… NYU graduate, professional actor, martial arts instructor NY and LA. 2010: Yoga Alliance (200-hr) Certification, 2018: Restorative Yoga Certification. Beginners through Advanced, Prenatal, Inclusive Special Needs, Children’s and Chair Yoga. Professional photographer: miphotostudio.com. 2023: Masters of Science in Environmental Nutrition from the University of Memphis.


Sommer Chetty
Co-Retreat Leader / Empowerment Coach

I’m an empowerment coach who helps women step out of overwhelm and create the life they have been too busy to dream up. I help you to understand the thoughts that are keeping you from whatever it is you want to achieve. Then I help you choose new, motivating thoughts that drive desired action.